gearsAbout five years ago, I did a reading for an unmarried couple who had been a couple for a long time, living together in a harmonious, monogamous, committed relationship.  Both in their 40’s, Suzanne was diagnosed with a type of leukemia just a few years into their relationship, and so their lives revolved around her cancer treatments and the emotional roller coaster of the leukemia moving in and out of remission.  She and Michael faced her diagnosis and prognosis realistically, but focused their life on enjoying their time together.

And then one day, Michael was diagnosed with liver cancer and died a few weeks later.

Suzanne heard about me through a mutual friend, and called to schedule a reading.  She was in shock from the suddenness of Michael’s passing, grief-stricken at the profoundness of the loss, and tormented by the feeling that there was a wrongness about it.  She wasn’t sure what she hoped to get from the reading, but thought it was “worth a shot.”



Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley
Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley

I have been asked several times lately to write about reincarnation.  Gulp.  The topic is so vast, so important, and so complicated, that it feels like being asked to write about God.  There is no way for me to do the topic justice with one blog post, so I am going to shoot for “a good start.”

When a person dies and makes their peace with their life and death, their spirit ascends, and once ascended, is ready to reincarnate into a new life on Earth.  There are no exceptions to this, as absolutely every soul that ascends is given the opportunity to reincarnate.

However….. differences abound in every other aspect of the reincarnation process.  And probably the biggest difference concerns timing.  Certain faith groups believe that we are on a schedule, with a standard waiting period in heaven, before reincarnation is not only possible, but required.  I know from the spirits that I have encountered that this is not the case, that we don’t reincarnate in the exact order that we died, that the reincarnation process is more flexible and fluid than that, and the timing of our reincarnation is variable.  This variability has to do with many factors, but most importantly: readiness, opportunities, free will, and covenants.



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mind-body-spiritA lot has been written about near-death experiences, and the phenomenon by which a person’s spirit leaves their body briefly, only to go back in, once the body is revived.  This phenomenon is real, and does no permanent damage to, or has any lasting impact on, either body or spirit.  But there is a phenomenon that is a companion to this, that occurs when the body is working but comatose, and the brain is profoundly damaged.  I call this state of existence “bumped out,” because that is how it appears to me — like a person’s spirit got bumped out of their body, and then refused to go back in.  The causes of this may vary slightly, but the spiritual sentiment is the same: that the brain is too damaged and too limited in its functioning, and the soul would rather be out than in.

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