Do-It-Yourself House Cleansing

smudge stickSweeping negative energy and un-attached ghosts out of your home is something that you can — and should — do yourself, on a regular basis.  What constitutes “regular” is a personal thing, but I would say definitely when you move into a new place, and then between once a month and once a year.

You can find other instructions for this on the internet, but some of them skip critical aspects of the ritual while others make it unnecessarily complicated (trust me, you do not need an abalone shell that has been blessed by an Incan shaman).  The ritual below is one that I developed and have found extremely effective.  I am a Christian, so the language I use is decidedly Christian.  HOWEVER, this ritual has its roots in Native American and Shamanic culture, and it is easily adapted to any faith tradition, so if you are decidedly not Christian, read thru the instructions, capture the spirit of the ritual and its salient points, and create a ritual for yourself that includes these things but better suits your belief system and the language with which you are comfortable.  It is important during the “In Each Room” part, to invoke the presence of a higher power.  If you do not believe in the existence of a higher power, please invoke the presence of something more powerful than you, such as “the power of science” or “the power of the universe” or “the power of love” or “the power of Greyskull.”



A do-it-yourself house cleansing requires that you move from room to room in your home, first sweeping out all the negative energy, while chanting a “get out” message.  This is followed by inviting in positive energy, while chanting a “welcoming” message.  When this has been completed in every room, then you stand in a central location in your home and incant a blessing of protection over the whole space.  A house cleansing can be done by one person, but is faster and easier if done by at least two people because of the process involved.  Plan on at least an hour, even with two people, and more if you live in a big house with lots of rooms.


  • sage stick for smudging (sold online, in some candle shops and natural grocery stores, and in most crunchy-granola-new-age-get-your-crystals-here shops) and a heat-proof plate to set it on, OR a handful of fresh sage leaves plus a small cooking pot with a handle (dried sage just won’t work for this — if you’re desperate, use a different fresh herb or some incense)
  • white candle (if it isn’t dripless, set it on a plate, too)
  • matches or cigarette lighter
  • long feather (optional)


Open the windows.

Person #1:  Begin by lighting the sage/smudge stick (laid on the plate to catch the ash and embers) or a few of the fresh sage leaves (laid in the cooking pot).  Allow them to catch fire and immediately blow them out.  It/they will produce smoke (much like incense), which is what you want for this.  Move around the perimeter of the room (start and end at the window) and brush the smoke towards the wall as you walk.  Use either your hand or a long feather to brush the smoke, sweeping it towards the wall with every two or three steps you take.  Be sure to sweep smoke into the corners of the room, and don’t skip the closets.

Person #2:  While your partner is smudging the room with smoke (smudging is the proper term for this — the smoke will not leave any marks on your walls), repeat these words: “The power of God compels all dis-ease, spirit entities, negativity, stress, and fear to go out from here.  Go to your rightful place in the universe.  In the name of God, go to the light that is your eternal home and be at peace.”

When you feel that all the negative energy has left the room, close the window.

Person #1:  Set aside the sage and light the white candle.  Stand in the center of the room and hold the candle.

Person #2:  Say the following:  “In the presence of the Holy Spirit, we invite love, joy, friendship, health, support, respect, hope, and peace to dwell here.”  (Note: Add any positive words you desire to the list. If you have children, involve them in this part in their respective bedrooms.)

Proceed to the next room and repeat the process.


When the cleansing process is complete in all the rooms in your home, go stand in the center of your home, or in a location that is central.  Bless your home with this prayer:  “Dear God, who created darkness and light, and established the boundaries between good and evil, seal now this dwelling against the forces of evil.  Protect it from all negative energies and entities and make it a place where peace dwells.  Please bless this home and all the inhabitants thereof.  May the entryway welcome us home, may the kitchen bring nourishment, may the living/family room be a place for gathering together, may the bedrooms be restful and comforting.  (Customize this part as you see fit, and include all the rooms in your home.)  Amen.