I have helped many people find answers, insight, and closure through a Reading with their deceased loved ones, and have helped many more eliminate pesky ghosts from their homes. Below are testimonials from my clients describing their experiences.  If I’ve worked with you, please add your experience to the comments section at the bottom of the page.


“Carrie performed a ghost busting for my family, and I just do not have the words to explain how grateful I am for the entire experience. With no idea what to expect, Carrie really helped me feel comfortable with each step and helped dispel my fears about what might happen. As Carrie worked, I learned so much more than I was expecting to. With the ghosts gone, my family has changed for the better, the energy in the house is lighter, communication is going smoothly, and we all feel better!  Carrie is truly talented, which is apparent the moment you start to talk to her.”          — Kellyn, Michigan

“Carrie has been an incredible bridge to the other side for me. She is a person of the utmost integrity, sensitivity, and compassion. She has done readings on not only my late loved ones, but also my house, and her abilities are spot-on.”         — Roxanne, Illinois

“This year, my deceased parents’ dark wings circled around me bringing me to crisis. My thinking and behavior became erratic and increasingly dark. I was desperate. My therapist recommended that I work with Carrie, which I did.  Carrie directed one reading with my mother and another with my father. My parents tormented me my entire life and at the end of those sessions their dark presence had lifted, vanished. My path is now clear and I can finally leave my parents behind.”          Curt, Michigan

“My son died expectedly, almost two years ago.  Despite knowing that this was coming, I couldn’t go from 25 years of keeping him safe and alive to not being concerned about him and not trying to take care of him.  In the midst of carrying on with my life through my grief, I also worried about him.  I wanted to have some type of psychic reading or something, to give connecting with my son a chance.  I remember the day I learned about Carrie’s gifts and thought I had found someone I could trust.  I had a wonderful experience with Carrie and my son who had passed.  She helped me hear and visualize things from his perspective and she shared things from him that I knew to be true.  This experience has helped me, and even though I still carry the burden of grieving and mourning, my load is not nearly as heavy now.  Thank you, Carrie, for sharing your gift with me and for being so very worthy of my trust.”          — Sarah, Michigan

“When an angry spirit tormented my daughter, I had no idea where to turn. Carrie explained so much and really saved my daughter and our family as a whole. I have a better understanding of the afterlife, and when Carrie ascended the spirit, everything changed for the better. I believe in Carrie’s abilities, and thank God for her every day.”         — Amy, Illinois

“While I was home for my mother’s funeral, I arranged for a reading with Carrie. During our conversation with my mother, there were no ‘warnings from the grave’ or anything of that nature, just what I would characterize as a series of snapshots that captured the essence of my mother’s feelings about and relationships with me, my siblings, and my father. Even though I miss my mom, I am comforted by the knowledge that she loved all of us and felt at peace. I will always be grateful to Carrie for her help.”         — Patty, Basel, Switzerland

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  1. Carrie was phenomenal! Words cannot express her high degree of accuracy, professionalism and assistance during my reading. She helped me attain closure with my father and gave me total peace with his passing. There are no coincidences!! If you have been lead to this website, then obtaining a reading with Carrie will help you with your issues. She is a blessing for those of us in strife. God bless you Carrie and the honor in getting a reading from you!!

  2. We asked Carrie to help us out when we purchased an old farmhouse on acreage near Chapel Hill, NC.

    The house and property were severely damaged by generations of hoarding and mismanagement. Both seethed with a presence clearly wishing we’d leave.

    As we cleaned up and repaired the place, the presence was less unhappy but constantly interrupted our daily life, including crossing his energy into mine which felt like his hands on my shoulder and head and once he walked through me. This was too much.

    Carrie remote viewed our home, describing the inside of room we were in accurately, where we were sitting and also where the presence was sulking in the crawl space of the attic.

    After coaxing the presence into conversation, we found we had a pretty upset older gentlemen who was beside himself with anger over his property’s mistreatment.

    In particular, he was enraged that hippies had run a moonshine still in his barn. Idiots. But under that anger, there was a man who felt he’d let down his wife and others and was ashamed to deal with that.

    This is ghost therapy and 4 hours of patient listening later (including telling us we’d put the coop in the wrong place) our gentleman was ready to be vulnerable.

    He called for his wife who so glad to see him and also his employer whom he hadn’t disappointed.

    A sweetheart of a man stood before us then and I wanted to keep him. But he had to go.

    He said goodbye to the land and ascended with surprised joy.

    We went out to the barn, by the way, at the end of the session. Guess what we found?

    The barn had a shallow cement outline, a rectangle in the middle no bigger than two milk crates. We had puzzled over what had been there. Was this where the still had been?

    We looked up to the ceiling and there was the hole in the tin roof where the outlet vent had been.

    Making moonshine in the barn? Not on OUR land.

    Thanks, Carrie!

  3. A friend recommended Carrie to me after my husband passed away. Carrie consulted with me prior to our reading, explaining how she works, what may or may not happen and generally what I could expect. I decided to move forward with the reading and what I discovered is that Carrie is amazing. Her spiritual connection with loved ones that have passed is very evident. Not only does Carrie have this connection, she gave everything in her to make that connection between my husband and myself such a personal, rewarding one. Carrie does not set a time limit. . . .she spent well over 4 hours with me until all was answered and we felt completed. I am grateful. I would definitely recommend Carrie to anyone who is considering making a connection with a loved one who has passed.


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