In my last blog post (see “Heaven Sent”), I wrote about building my new-found skills for communicating with ascended spirits.  One of the things I intended to include in that column was a fuller description of what a person could and should expect from a reading with the ascended spirit of a loved one.  I quickly realized, however, that I’ve never been on the other side of this equation, never been the person having a reading done for me, and I lacked the proper experience to write much about it.  Certainly, people have said things to me, so I have a sense of what it is like, but I wanted to provide a fuller description.

To that end, I contacted Beth Redman, a woman who is both friend and client, and for whom I have done both types of readings — with the un-ascended spirits of several of her relatives over the years, and more recently, with the ascended spirit of her father.  I asked her a few general questions about how she would describe the difference between the two types of readings, and about what she thought people could expect from a conversation with the ascended spirit of a loved one.  Her replies were on point, and she has given permission for me to share them with you here.

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photo by Roy Shapley

Back in September, I wrote about my explorations at the outer edges of my psychic abilities (read “The Borderlands”).  These explorations led to the discovery that what I believed to be the limits of my abilities were only a threshold.  Beyond this threshold, I discovered that not only can I communicate with the un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits of the dead (as I have known for a long time), but can also communicate with ascended spirits (which was news to me).  Stunned and intrigued by this discovery, I have been practicing.

My practice sessions began with trying to summon and communicate with the ascended spirits of people loved and missed by me, then moved to spirits known to me who were loved and missed by close friends and family, and then on to spirits not known to me at all.  My practice sessions began outdoors, out in the thin-veiled borderlands that I discovered on my property, and then moved indoors, into the room where I do readings.

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