I’ve been engrossed in another project for several months now, and my absence from the blogosphere reflects that.  I have not stepped back from this work, as the steady stream of psychic readings I’ve done can attest, but my attention has definitely been divided.  To my surprise and delight, while I was looking the other way, I unexpectedly reached three milestones.  First, my website has a ticker that counts every time someone views a page.  Last week, that ticker rolled past the 15,000 views mark.  While this doesn’t constitute going viral, it is certainly a big deal to me.  I haven’t done any advertising, so new readers arrive most commonly as a result of a word-of-mouth recommendation, and less frequently, as a result of an online search.  To reach this many views this way is very affirming to me.  I know that the ticker doesn’t discriminate, and the 15,000 could be achieved by one overly obsessed person looking at my site 15,000 times, but I am pretty certain that it didn’t happen that way.

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