ghost radar screenMy apologies for the interruption in my regular posting schedule, but my husband had major surgery and I’ve been a bit busy.  But while he was recovering, our kids came to stay for overlapping periods of time to help out, and on one random day, my oldest son queried, “Did you know that there are apps for finding ghosts?”


No, I did not.

But I do now.

A quick search led me to a surprising number of apps that promise to “locate ghosts” and “measure paranormal activity” and “analyze energy readings looking for unusual patterns” and I could not resist downloading a bunch and checking them out.  I focused my research on free apps with the highest ratings, and avoided those apps that were deliberate pranks, such as the one that will add a ghost to any photo.  I have a new ghost in my house who really wants my help, so he agreed to be my test subject, ostensibly to butter me up.  His name is Joe.

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