Psychic Readings

If you have lost a loved one and are struggling with un-answered questions or the sense that they haven’t moved on, a Reading with me may help.  Readings are of benefit to both the living and the dead and help to resolve issues that cannot be addressed through conventional means.  I believe that there are no “lost causes” or spirits beyond helping, and I have helped some tough cases: suicides, overdoses, murderers, demons, and more.

What is a Reading?

The term “Reading” is used by psychics as a general term for the work they do.  Depending on the type of psychic, their abilities, and the work they specialize in, the purpose and content of a Reading varies widely from one psychic to the next.

In my case, I am a Spiritual Medium and have the ability to see, hear, and communicate with both the un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits of the dead (ghosts, in other words) and with the ascended, fully crossed-over spirits of the dead (angels, in other words).  In a Reading with me, I act as a go-between, allowing living people the opportunity to have a direct conversation with the spirit of a deceased loved one.  I do not channel spirits or allow spirits to take possession of my body.  Rather, I communicate with them face-to-face in a very natural way.  I conduct Readings by phone and offer a Free Consultation to help you decide if a Reading is right for you.  If you decide to schedule a Reading, I charge $250 for a full Reading, payable through this website.  To start the process, email me a picture of the person you are considering a reading for (taken while they were alive, please):

What can I expect from a Reading with an un-ascended, Earth-bound spirit?

A Reading with an un-ascended spirit is of benefit to both the living and the dead.  An un-ascended, Earth-bound spirit is in the temporary state we enter when we die.  This state is designed to be transitional, while we make peace with our life and death, and prepare for ascension.  However, many people enter death with spiritual baggage such as guilt, shame, regret, unresolved issues, and unfinished business, and find it difficult (or impossible) to resolve these things on their own.  A Reading helps the Earth-bound spirit get un-stuck, find resolution and forgiveness, make their peace, and prepare for ascension.

Simultaneously, the death of someone close to you can leave you with guilt, shame, regret, unresolved issues, and unfinished business.  These things can leave you troubled, and unable to make your peace with their death.

You can expect a Reading with an un-ascended spirit to take two to four hours and to provide answers to all the questions you would like to ask your loved one.  You can also expect this type of Reading to facilitate the release of negativity, the resolution of issues, and the achievement of peace of mind — on both sides. 

What can I expect from a Reading with an ascended, fully crossed-over spirit?

A Reading with an ascended spirit is very different from a Reading with an un-ascended spirit.  Ascended spirits have no unfinished business, no unresolved issues, no regrets, no spiritual baggage.  They are fully at peace and engaged in the work of being both guardian and guide for those they love.  When summoned for a Reading, a spirit in this state comes purely for the benefit of the living person, as the spirit has no needs of their own.  A spirit in this state is powerful and wise, and a Reading with them can tap into this wisdom.  I recommend that people considering a Reading of this sort do so at a time in their life when they are facing challenges and feeling a need for wisdom, insight, and guidance. 

You can expect this type of Reading to take two to three hours, depending on how extensive and/or intensive your questions are.

I have other questions.  Can I ask you some things before committing?

I offer a Free Consultation before every Reading, to answer any questions specific to your situation, and to help you decide whether or not a Reading is right for you.  The Free Consultation is just that — free — and does not obligate you to anything.  To get started, email me a picture of the loved one you are considering a Reading for:  The picture need not be recent, it just needs to be of the person while they were alive (please no crime scene photos).  I will reply by email with my impressions and with information about scheduling your Free Consultation.  The consultation takes about 20-30 minutes and is your opportunity to assess my credibility and to ask any questions you need answered before deciding whether to schedule a full Reading.

How does a Reading work?

If you choose to move forward after the Free Consultation, we will schedule a time for a Reading, typically within a few days of the consultation.  I do Readings by phone, and prefer to do them during the day, during regular business hours, but am available some evenings and weekends as needed.  Readings typically take two to four hours, and you need to schedule yours for a time when you can be in a quiet, private place, without interruptions.  You will also want to take notes — a lot of information will come through and your notes will be an important reference and resource afterwards.

I will do a Reading for a small group of people (like a couple, family, or sibling group), but I will not do a Reading as entertainment for a large group of people.  Readings require me to maintain a deep level of concentration, and are serious, sacred things, not party fare.

How much does a Reading cost?

My fee for a Reading is $250.  This fee is a flat rate, with no hidden costs or overtime charges. This fee is to be paid after your Free Consultation, but at least 24 hours before your scheduled Reading.  To pay, choose your desired service from the drop-down menu below and click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to a PayPal payment page, but you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way — you can put in your credit card information (protected by PayPal’s security system) and pay as a “guest”.  Any unpaid Readings will be cancelled.

I’m nervous.  Is that normal?

Psychic Readings and communication with the spirits of the dead are things that are not entirely mainstream.  It is common to be nervous about doing it, worried what people will think, scared that the news “from beyond” will be frightening or bad.  I think most common is a fear that a reading will make matters worse, will intensify the feelings of loss, and will pile guilt, shame, and the judgement of others on top of an already overwhelming, unbearable grief.  I have done A LOT of readings over the course of the past 20 years, and never once — NEVER ONCE — has the experience been a negative one for anybody (living or dead).  Spirits of the dead are not monsters or boogeymen, they are people first and foremost.  As people, they have the same goal as the rest of us: to find peace.  And a Reading with me goes until that has been achieved.