ghost pic of abe lincolnNot that everyone wants to attract a ghost…..but…..there are things that do make one house more inviting to a ghost than other houses and things that make one person more attractive to a ghost than others.  It may not be obvious to the wider world whether you and/or your house are dead-sexy to the dead, but I can tell you some things that ghosts find very appealing:

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Haunted_HouseI arrived on the front stoop via remote viewing, ready to bust the ghost inside.  The ghost, however, had other plans for me, and even with the permission of Lee, the homeowner and co-winner of my Most Haunted House Contest, I couldn’t get in.  I asked Lee to physically open the front door, to break any seal the ghost had put on the house, but even that didn’t do it.  We went to a side door, the back door, an upstairs window, to no avail.  I landed on the back porch and could see inside, even though I couldn’t get inside.  I saw brown cabinets.  Lee said theirs were white.  I cursed under my breath, pretty sure that the ghost had bounced me to the neighbor’s house.

I have never been bested by a ghost, and I wasn’t about to let this one be the first.  Lee and I persisted, and after an agonizingly long time, I was in, only to be greeted by a ghostly refrain: “Come and get me” and clouds of thick, choking smoke.

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