ghost pic of abe lincolnNot that everyone wants to attract a ghost…..but…..there are things that do make one house more inviting to a ghost than other houses and things that make one person more attractive to a ghost than others.  It may not be obvious to the wider world whether you and/or your house are dead-sexy to the dead, but I can tell you some things that ghosts find very appealing:

1.  Psychic abilities.

Possessing psychic abilities of any sort and to any degree makes you a ghost magnet, with the strongest magnetism lying in the hands of people like me who can see and hear the spirits of the dead.  I don’t know how ghosts know, but they know.

2.  Neglected homes with neglectful occupants.

A neglected, un-cared-for house or apartment has an energy signature that is much the same as a vacant building.  Ghosts like to take up residence in places that they won’t be kicked out of, and a neglected home might as well have a “Ghosts Welcome!” sign out front.

3.  Passive people.

People who have no backbone and allow others to walk all over them, possess passive qualities that ghosts find attractive.  To a ghost, if you won’t set boundaries and defend yourself against living people, you are highly unlikely to defend yourself against the non-living either.  And they like that.  Also, passive people tend to be easy to scare, and thus easy for a ghost to startle and “feed” off of.  But most importantly, passive people put up with a lot, and are likely to put up with more, so ghosts can mess with all kinds of things and stay a good, long time, with a passive host.

4.  Volatile people and relationships.

Ghosts feed off the energy that living humans emit, and we emit the biggest bursts of energy when we are angry or afraid.  Volatile, aggressive, argumentative people are extremely attractive to ghosts, as are the people they scare or fight with.  A household with a lot of verbal and/or physical fighting going on is like an all-you-can-eat buffet to a ghost — hard to resist.

5.  Old houses.

New houses are not immune to ghosts, but old houses are definitely more popular with the ghostly crowd.  Many old houses already have old ghosts in them, but even if your old house is ghost-free, it is likely to have had a ghost or two in it at one time or another over its long history.  And once a ghost is gone, an energy residue remains that marks a house as “ghost-friendly,” and this can attract new ghosts.

6.  People obsessed with ghosts.

Our thoughts and interests draw not only information to us, but energy and entities as well.  Being obsessed with ghosts and spending every waking moment thinking about ghosts, talking about ghosts, talking to ghosts, posting ghost photos online, binge-watching ghost-centric TV shows, getting ghost tattoos, decorating your home with a ghost motif, etc. will draw them to you.

And now that I have given you all these fabulous, helpful pointers for attracting and retaining your own little Casper the Friendly Ghost, let me say this: Having a ghost in your house or in your life is not a good thing, even if having one makes you feel special.  Please hear this, if you hear nothing else: even charming, well-meaning ghosts are parasites.  Ghosts come in as many different forms and with as many different temperaments as living people do, as death doesn’t change the essence of who we are.  But ALL GHOSTS — including the nice ones — need to feed to keep their energy up, and they do this by consuming the energy that living humans throw off.  Even if you have lots and lots of energy, having a parasite in your life is disruptive and depleting.

To be clear, I am speaking about long-term, “career” ghosts here, not your recently deceased loved ones.  The spirits of the recently deceased are in transition and are not attached to you or to your house in the ways I describe.  In this transitional state, your loved ones pose no difficulty and no danger to you, your energy, or your sanity.  It is only when a spirit remains Earth-bound for an extended period of time that they become problematic, and it is this sort of ghost that I am writing about today.

It is not my intent to promote mass hysteria over how many of the above qualities you may possess and how irresistible you may be to ghosts, as there are things you can do to protect yourself from being overly attractive to “career” ghosts:

1.  If you have sensitivities and/or psychic abilities, you may not be able to turn off your magnetism, but you can do regular house cleansings to flush ghosts out, and you can set up ghost-free zones in your home.  To establish such a zone, simply cleanse the chosen rooms and keep them clear of ghosts by claiming the space as all yours.  Sounds too simple to be true, but the INTENTION energy that you exert is powerful, and will act as a repellent.  Also, when you are in one of these rooms (especially in your bedroom at bedtime), blow towards the door.  Your living breath is also powerful and will blow any stray energy or entities out the door.

2.  Care for your home, yourself, and the people you live with.  Fix things that need fixing, clean things that need cleaning, and live like your home matters to you.

3.  Grow a pair.  Stick up for yourself.  Set boundaries and defend them.

4.  Quit fighting with everyone about everything.  Take out your aggression at the gym, and find another way to resolve problems at home.

5.  Do a house cleansing to flush out spirit entities and to clear out energy residues, and then energetically seal your house.  Claim your home as yours, bless it, and establish an energetic force-field boundary around it to make it hard (if not impossible) for ghosts to get in.

6.  Don’t invite people — living or dead — into your home if you don’t want them there.  And it is fine to read this blog and have an interest in ghosts and the afterlife, but please be interested in other stuff, too.

In closing, I want to say this to those of you who are still concerned about being too attractive to ghosts: if you live your life fully, you and your home will be so full of life that there will be no room left for ghosts to fit in.  Ghosts seek the empty spaces, so the best thing you can do to stay safe from their parasitic ways is to fill your life with living.

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  1. So I don’t necessarily want a parasitic ghost problem in my house and especially not in my bedroom. Lol But I would like to experience at least one visual or physical ghost encounter in my life. Kind of like a bucket list item. I definitely believe in the after life and spirits but I have never had an actual definite experience and it’s so frustrating because I do believe in them. I was lightly investigating an old graveyard once and me along with my husband and cousin were pretty sure we heard a woman’s voice inside the car as we were leaving. We never actually got out of the car to go in to the graveyard though. And I can’t exactly afford to go to an actual haunted location with tours and all and I don’t know of many public haunted places near by. Any advice would be appreciated. I think I just want an actual visual or physical experience to satisfy my belief in spirits.

    • My recommendation would be to try this: get yourself into a deeply relaxed, meditative state (brain wave states go beta, alpha, theta and you need to be at least in an alpha brain wave state and preferably in theta — deep meditation that borders on sleep). Call the name of a deceased loved one over and over again (at least five times). Calling their name will summon their spirit to you, and being in a deeper brain wave state will best your chances of vibrating at the proper frequency to see them. Open your eyes and see what you can see.

  2. I want to know if there is a simple way to contact my died grandfather. However, at the same time I am afraid of bringing in other spirits or ghost’s in my home that I do not want. is there a way that this is possible?

    • Contacting the spirit of a loved one is not an invitation to other ghosts. Your desire to speak with a spirit known to you and loved by you does not send the message into the universe that you love ghosts. As for contacting your grandfather’s spirit….If you are sensitive to spirit energy, you may have some luck with meditation. Entering a deep meditative state alters your vibrational frequency and might enable you to have a sense of spirits around you. Combine this with calling your grandfather’s name over and over again, to best your chances of contact with him. If you want more than that, a reading with me can provide the opportunity for a direct conversation between you and your grandfather. If this idea appeals to you, send me a picture of your grandfather and we’ll take it from there. Sending a picture does not obligate you to anything.

  3. I see ghosts etc all of my life. I have the gift to see ghosts etc. I call it a curse when I was in the hospital after my breast cancer surgery I saw orbs coming in my room flying round my bed went out of the window and I still see orbs etc…

  4. You were saying that to bring the spirit of a loved one that died we should meditate and call them by their name at least 5 times. But I was wondering, does it work with animals too? I mean, instead of a person that died, does it work if it’s a spirit of a pet that died?

    • The spirit energy of dogs is similar to and compatible with the spirit energy of humans. I have not explored this fully, but I believe that the spirit energy of horses may be the same. However, the spirit energy of cats and other pets is quite different. With dogs, their spirits live on after death, can evolve, and can eventually incarnate in human form. You could, theoretically, summon the spirit of a deceased dog or horse, but communication would be in keeping with the relationship while they were alive (based on the exchange of energy and love instead of the exchange of thoughts and ideas). I think that animals reincarnate more quickly than most humans, so success would depend on how recently the dog or horse died. I hope this helps.

  5. I might be a little crazy but it would be nice to contact my uncle for a reason I wanted to know if he approve my being married to some one but also my uncle was a step dad to a step son that I broke his marriage and married his wife my question is if I told my uncle would it make his spirit anger?

    • Spirits seek to be at peace. Even if your uncle’s spirit is angry with you, his desire would be for reconciliation and resolution of the conflict. He might act like he’s out for revenge and retribution, but his core desire would be to get beyond that, to understanding and acceptance.

      • Thank u for your insight of the problem u seem to know what or how spirit will response it does amaze me asking how u know would not be the right question also I have another insight for u with question my mother has dated a man long ago plan to get married but he had a heart attack at the time when it happen my mother woke me up late at night crying I knew how to do CPR but him and I did not get along to well story short he was breathing a little but for some reason I did nothing but said a word that I could not believed I said the word was die die to him I have been haunted for many years felt like it will until I die am I or am I really insane or is it real that I am being punish?

        • Daniel, I don’t know you or the fullness of your situation, so it is difficult for me to answer your questions in the way I think you would like. This I can say with certainty, tho: when we die, in order for our spirits to be at peace and ascend, we must take responsibility for things done and not done in this lifetime; we must integrate the lessons learned, so we don’t have to learn them again and again in future lifetimes; and we must forgive ourselves for the things we did that make us feel guilt and shame. You can work on these things while alive, or face them when you are dead. Either way, these things will be required of you before you and your spirit find peace.

          • Thank u for being truthful it the best u can get in other word my spirit will be stuck on earth as a in unfinishe business or not all I can say is I will forgive myself and pray for forgiveness and not repeat my mistake thanks again hope your spirit does not have a unfinish business as well

          • I am sorry if I am a bother of the question I had u are right u don’t know me but I was looking for comfert in my sleepless night of haunted dreams I can assure u my question won’t bother u again u have my word good luck helping other

          • Your questions aren’t bothersome at all. Quite the opposite, actually, as they are questions that other people probably have but are afraid to ask. If you decide that you are ready to face your “haunted dreams” and would like to have a reading with one or more of the deceased persons you mentioned in order to resolve these issues more directly, please email me a picture and we’ll take it from there. I offer a free consultation before every reading, to answer initial questions and to introduce myself, and this consultation carries with it not only no cost but also no obligation. You can decide after that whether or not you want to move forward with a full reading. If you are nervous about this, I can assure you that even with extremely difficult situations I have dealt with, a reading is only ever a good thing for both parties involved (the living person and the deceased person’s spirit), as the goal of a reading is resolution and peace.

          • Thank u for your blessing allowing me to keep contact my computer heart is broken picture will not give in she is blind I won’t allow myself to go further for address as u maybe a private secter that is the only way the picture can revele it self by person to person mail it might be a waste of effert to u or me sorry thanks for trying tho its been a blessing effert

  6. What if someone like me wants to contact their loved ones who are not here anymore? By someone like me I mean those who are apparently not only not gifted but actually deaf and dumb when it comes to receiving anything from the spirits (if they exist)? I see and hear some stuff but since I can’t be sure they’re from spirits and none of them are clear or decisive I chalk it off to coincidence or old objects around me making noises (I just don’t want to become happy deluding myself that that’s my loved one when that’s in fact some dust in the air) …. basically can non-gifted and dumb people on this subject grow the skill or sensitivity to contact them? I often heard that it’s genetics only so … ?

    • I don’t describe my psychic abilities as skill or sensitivity but as vibrational frequency. Some people vibrate at a high frequency, while other vibrate low. I vibrate at an unusually low frequency, which somehow brings me into a harmonic with the vibrational frequency of spirits, thus enabling me to see them and hear them. Meditation is the only way I know of to change a person’s vibrational frequency, adjust their brain wave state, and bring them into a lower register. I think for someone who is already vibrating at a low frequency, meditation could bring them into some sort of contact with the spirit realm. However, for people who rock a high frequency, I don’t think any level of meditation could change them enough to make that type of contact possible. I hope this explanation helps.

      • I think the fact that much like Monica, the loved one of mine that I’m very desperate to communicate with is an animal (a feral cat) just makes this more impossible for me. But I guess I have to try really hard at that and see what happens. Good for you for having such a gift. Thank you for your guidance!

    • In and of itself, no. However, old souls often attract living people with immature souls. The immature come into the orbit of the mature seeking guidance and wisdom.

  7. Your blog gives me much necessary information about the ghost activities thank you so much now i have much more to study about this topic in brief as soon as possible

    • Un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits (ghosts), are all bad to have around, even if they love you and are positive and well-meaning. Their energy is incompatible with our living energy, and having a ghost of any sort around you is disruptive. Depending on your sensitivity, their disruptive energy can cause headaches, joint pain, intestinal distress, digestive issues, back pain, disturbed sleep, and more. In highly sensitive people, the effects can mimic MS. An ascended spirit (angel) is a different matter. Ascended spirits have gone through a transformation that renders their energy completely compatible with our own. A spirit is more powerful in an ascended state, and can act as guardian and guide for the people they loved while alive. An ascended spirit chooses who they accompany and help, not the other way around.

  8. Perhaps I’m just a little nutters, but I swear my house is “occupied.” Now I’ve no certain knack for any practice within the parameters of the paranormal, but this old house has had a bloody past. I’ve had feelings of never being alone since I was a boy. I’m no psychic or anything; I just get an occasional headache at the same time that something bad might be happening. Been that way since my teen years.
    Anyway, my home was the site of an old rebel hospital, before the Union swept back through to take back our town. I have lived in this house all my life. I am certain you know exactly what you’re talking about, but I am also certain that nothing has negatively affected my family or me in the 25 years I have lived here. If nothing else, I actually consider the soldiers in the attic as extended family. I’m no expert, but I’d say there’re at least 4-5 others too. Are you sure they’re bad? I doubt every one is an angel, but they seem far from detrimental…

    • Even a genial, well-meaning ghost is still a ghost. And ALL SPIRITS in an un-ascended state possesses an energy signature that is incompatible with our own living energy. Certainly, there are degrees of disruption, with a friendly ghost at one end of the spectrum and an angry, volatile ghost at the other, but on some level disruption is disruption. Depending on a person’s level of sensitivity, co-habitating with a ghost (even a nice one) can cause all sorts of physical problems, from the headaches you describe to joint pain, intestinal and digestive issues, backaches, and sleep disturbances. I understand your attachment to “your” ghosts, I really do, but it isn’t good for them to stay in an un-ascended state, and it isn’t good for you to have them around. The un-ascended state is meant to be temporary (like for a couple weeks as a transition), and then we are meant to ascend and move on. Ascension involves an energy transformation that completes our life journey. And in an ascended state, a spirit is incredibly powerful, with an energy signature that is completely compatible with our own. Win-win for all concerned.

  9. Hello
    I have EMF Ghost Ring . On My Doll , Name : Scott .
    Will a Ghost Meter , lets me talk to ghosts . with Yes and No.
    Question . Sometimes Try to uses the beeps to talk to me . or Sometimes It sends Morse Code to talk to me
    This is My Childhood Doll . I do it at : 3 AM .


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