ghostsI may be guilty of some inadvertent fear-mongering, in my zeal to get everyone on board with my “Ascension is Great!” campaign.  It is possible, I admit, that I may have overstated a few things, and given the impression that ghosts are dangerous.  I sincerely and humbly apologize for this, because GHOSTS DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO ACTUALLY HURT YOU.  Really.  Ghosts are pure spirit energy, so the power they possess is ethereal and energetic, with no physical substance.  Yes, they could come at you with a knife, but it would be a ghost knife and all it would do is cut air.  And I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to be hurt by that AT ALL.

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Michelangelo Last JudgementI’ve spent the past hour staring at my computer screen, trying to figure out a way to write about what I did yesterday, without sounding absolutely bat-guano crazy, and have determined that it can’t be done.  My current house-ghost, Joe, is a big brute of a dead guy, and he has been bringing other dead people to my house so I can help them ascend.  This is the psychic work that I do, and the agreement I made with Joe seemed a no-brainer at the time, but I’m sorry, there is no way to say in polite company that I have a giant ghost named Joe in my house and he goes out every day to collect other ghosts and then comes back at night with a bunch of them, and makes them stay in my attic until I have time to deal with them.  At least, not without a straightjacket with my name on it arriving shortly thereafter.

But that is, in fact, what has been happening at my house, and is, in fact, what led to me helping 17 dead souls make their peace and ascend yesterday.  Which, in truth, also sounds crazy.

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