ghostsI may be guilty of some inadvertent fear-mongering, in my zeal to get everyone on board with my “Ascension is Great!” campaign.  It is possible, I admit, that I may have overstated a few things, and given the impression that ghosts are dangerous.  I sincerely and humbly apologize for this, because GHOSTS DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO ACTUALLY HURT YOU.  Really.  Ghosts are pure spirit energy, so the power they possess is ethereal and energetic, with no physical substance.  Yes, they could come at you with a knife, but it would be a ghost knife and all it would do is cut air.  And I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to be hurt by that AT ALL.

That being true, ghosts do exist, and there is power in their energy.  Particularly when angry, ghosts can use this power to affect the energies around them.  Electricity is energy, heat is energy, radio waves are energy, and our own spiritual essence is energy, so ghosts can mess with all those things.  They can cause power surges and cold spots and radio wave fluctuations and disrupted or uneasy feelings.  Not all ghosts want to, and it takes time for a ghost to develop the skills necessary to do these things, but with time and talent, they can.

What is important about this to me today is WHY.  Why ghosts seek to affect the people and energies around them.  I know the answer and it is pretty simple: they want attention.  Same as that kid who sat behind you in third grade and pulled your ponytail, they want your attention.

It is very important to remember that ghosts are people, first and foremost.  They aren’t hideous monsters or ghoulish demons from hell, they are the spirits of people who were once someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, friend.  They had a life and lived it like you live yours — walking the Earth, working, playing, loving.  And now they are dead and they are stuck, trapped for whatever reason in a state that is in-between the here and the hereafter.

In my experience, most ghosts get stuck due to ignorance, or a loop of wrong thinking, or as a result of unfinished business.  No matter the reasons for being stuck in an Earth-bound state, all ghosts have the same options at their disposal for getting our attention, and they do what living humans do — try the easiest thing first, and if that doesn’t work, go from there.  For a ghost, this means starting by stepping in front of you, arms waving, yelling “hey!,” followed by jumping up and down.  When that doesn’t work, they “go for the scare” by waiting to do all of those same things at night, when you are winding down from your busy day and are not as fully occupied with your own thoughts and tasks.  And when that doesn’t work, ghosts tend to get angry, which powers them up, and they work on making noises and moving objects.  This usually involves knocking over small objects or making muffled tapping and thumping sounds that sound like footsteps or a knock at the door.  And, failing to get your attention with that, ghosts hit what is about the apex of attention-getting behavior and use their anger energy to affect electricity and lights.  This behavior is rarer, but a ghost can cause your lights to dim or to brighten, can knock out your computer if it isn’t surge-protected, and in advanced cases, can use their energy to light a burnt out bulb or an unplugged lamp.

Occasionally, ignoring a ghost will get them to leave you alone.  But more often, the ghost either knows you or is attached to your house, and they will not leave until they get whatever help it is that they seek or require.  And yes, there are bad ghosts out there, the same as there are bad people.  If you have one of these bothersome troublemakers lurking about, exhibiting extreme attention-getting behavior, you might want to call on me for help.  I have not met a ghost I couldn’t handle, and I have met some tough ones — demons, suicides, and really corrupted old farts to name a few.

But, if you just suspect that you might possibly have a ghost, you probably do, but you probably also have one that hasn’t escalated too far in their attention-getting behaviors.  I know this is weird to think about, as we are conditioned to find ghosts scary because of the whole invisibility thing.  Well that, and the dead thing.  But if you can get past that, there are things that you can do to help.  First off, try to respond to your ghost with pity instead of fear.  Fear is food to them, and you being afraid will just encourage them.  Pity, on the other hand, means to them that you are paying attention, and it turns both the tide and the tables.

If you can muster a moment of feeling sorry for your ghost, follow it up by saying these five things to the spot where you suspect they might be lurking:

  1. You are dead.
  2. No matter what you believe about death, only your body died.  Your spirit lives on.
  3. Heaven is for all spirits, no matter who they are or what they did in life.  You may have seen a white light or a portal to another dimension soon after you died.  That was for you and was a gateway to heaven.
  4. If you weren’t ready for heaven at that time, that’s fine.  You can get ready now.  The most important thing you need to do, lovely dead person, is forgive yourself for whatever you did that you feel guilty about.  Take responsibility for it, learn your lessons from it, promise to never do it again, and then forgive yourself for it.  Do all that, and heaven is yours.
  5. Once you forgive yourself and all your guilt is gone, make peace with your life and your death.  Your life was your life, lovely dead person, and now it is done.  You died the way you died, and you need to get okay with that, even if you think your death was stupid or wrong or unfair.  Once you are at peace, find a portal to the other side (churches are good places to look), and stand under it.  When ready, push off and go up.  Your ancestors and loved ones will come for you to help you cross over.  And once you have crossed over, you will be a candidate for reincarnation.  Through reincarnation, you can come back to Earth in a whole new life.

Again, as weird as it sounds, this little speech could do the trick to ascend your might-be-a-ghost.  It has worked many times before.  So if you think you’ve got a ghost, don’t get scared!  Pay attention!  Give them the speech!  And email me if you run into a problem with that.

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