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Back in September, I wrote about my explorations at the outer edges of my psychic abilities (read “The Borderlands”).  These explorations led to the discovery that what I believed to be the limits of my abilities were only a threshold.  Beyond this threshold, I discovered that not only can I communicate with the un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits of the dead (as I have known for a long time), but can also communicate with ascended spirits (which was news to me).  Stunned and intrigued by this discovery, I have been practicing.

My practice sessions began with trying to summon and communicate with the ascended spirits of people loved and missed by me, then moved to spirits known to me who were loved and missed by close friends and family, and then on to spirits not known to me at all.  My practice sessions began outdoors, out in the thin-veiled borderlands that I discovered on my property, and then moved indoors, into the room where I do readings.

With every practice, I posed a new challenge for myself, curious to see what I could do.  I have not thoroughly wrapped my brain around all this new learning, and I know that there is more that I have yet to learn.  But writing helps me process this sort of information, and there are a few things that I now know well enough and with enough certainty to share.

First off, ascended spirits look different than un-ascended spirits.  Both are human in form, with arms and legs and faces, but ascended spirits are lighter and brighter, as if the energy of an un-ascended spirit were that of a stone, and the energy of an ascended spirit were that of a white, fluffy cloud.  The colors are different, too, as if an un-ascended spirit was an old painting — richly colored, but a bit dingy — and an ascended spirit was that same old painting, cleaned and restored to its former luster and vibrancy.

There are other differences that I have more difficulty articulating, so I summoned the ascended spirit of my beloved brother-in-law, Roy, for help.  Roy has the soul of an explorer, the eye of an artist, and the heart of a teacher, and I have found him to be a most gifted observer and explainer.  I asked him about the emotional differences I have seen, and he said that un-ascended spirits feel and express the full range of human emotions: guilt, anger, frustration, happiness, love, shame, gratitude, etc., while ascended spirits feel and express only peace, love, and grace.  I said, “But doesn’t it make you angry when you are trying to act as guardian and guide for people who you love, and they resist or defy your guidance?”  And he said, “No.  I accept that as free will.”  To which I asked, “Don’t you ever get frustrated?”  And he said, “No.  Before I ascended, I had needs.  Now I don’t.  There’s nothing for me to be frustrated about.”

He elaborated on this, explaining that un-ascended spirits still have work to do: accepting responsibility for things done and not done in their lifetime, forgiving themselves and others for mistakes and wrongs, making peace with their life and their death, and committing themselves to more spiritual work in the life to come.  Once at peace and ascended, this work ceases, and ascended time in heaven is a resting or neutral time for our souls.  There are no tasks to complete, no challenges to meet, no push to change while in heaven.  It is a time free from spiritual work and spiritual growth.  Roy described his time in heaven as “The intermission between songs.”  He made this sound dreamy, like our time in heaven is a chance to spiritually catch our breath.

I asked if it was boring, and wondered aloud what he did all day.  He said, “I watch over the people I love, guarding and guiding them.  Which is never boring.”  He elaborated again, showing me how he can fly and explore the universe in his current state, which is also not boring.

For my part, psychic readings with ascended spirits are quite different from readings with un-ascended spirits, as ascended spirits don’t have any unresolved issues or chips on shoulders or spiritual baggage that they need help with.  They are fully at peace, and readings with them are much more for the benefit of the living person.  Not all ascended spirits are spiritually mature and wonderfully wise, but in general, ascended spirits see the big picture, and are able to see to the heart of problems and to offer sound advice.

It feels different for me to be in the presence of an ascended spirit, after so many years of dealing exclusively with the un-ascended.  Un-ascended spirits get up to a lot of mischief, in an attempt to get our attention, and in my case, to get my help.  They make noise, they wake me up, they try to startle and scare me, and generally try their best to annoy the crap out of me.  Ascended spirits are the opposite.  They have no attention-getting behaviors, as all of their needs have been met, and they are a lot like Yoda in “Star Wars”: wise, chill, and patient.

I will soon be offering readings with ascended spirits, but I have a little farther to go with my training, before I feel comfortable offering this service on my website.  Mostly, I need more experience with a greater variety of spirits and circumstances.  To this end, dear readers, I could use your help.  In what I hope will be a win-win situation, for the next month (until Valentine’s Day 2017), I will be offering readings for people to communicate with the ascended spirit of a loved one FOR FREE.  To be clear, this offer is for readings with ascended spirits only.  I will honor this for absolutely anyone and everyone who contacts me and has a loved one who has ascended, so feel free to spread the word.

If you are interested, the process begins with you emailing me a picture of your loved one(s) (carrie@speakingofthedead.com).  I can tell from a picture whether someone is alive or dead, ascended or un-ascended, and even if they have already re-incarnated (I don’t understand how the photo thing works, but it does).  The picture doesn’t need to be great, and it can be of the person at any age.  If you send a group shot, please indicate which person I should focus my attention on.  I will let you know what I discover from the picture —  at no cost or obligation to you — and we will take it from there.  I offer a free consultation before any reading (whether your loved one is ascended or un-ascended), and for the next month (to recap) am offering free readings with ascended spirits.

Happy New Year to one and all, and I thank you in advance for your help

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