In my last blog post (see “Heaven Sent”), I wrote about building my new-found skills for communicating with ascended spirits.  One of the things I intended to include in that column was a fuller description of what a person could and should expect from a reading with the ascended spirit of a loved one.  I quickly realized, however, that I’ve never been on the other side of this equation, never been the person having a reading done for me, and I lacked the proper experience to write much about it.  Certainly, people have said things to me, so I have a sense of what it is like, but I wanted to provide a fuller description.

To that end, I contacted Beth Redman, a woman who is both friend and client, and for whom I have done both types of readings — with the un-ascended spirits of several of her relatives over the years, and more recently, with the ascended spirit of her father.  I asked her a few general questions about how she would describe the difference between the two types of readings, and about what she thought people could expect from a conversation with the ascended spirit of a loved one.  Her replies were on point, and she has given permission for me to share them with you here.

Beth started by saying that with un-ascended spirits, readings are primarily a chance to find out if the spirit is okay.  “Do they have any messages they would like to impart?  Any issues that they need to work through before they can ascend?”  She said that these readings may begin with the spirit answering direct questions, but then they move into a narrative, with the spirit telling their story and explaining relationships and situations they encountered in their life.  There is a back-and-forth with these readings, as issues get resolved on both sides of the conversation.

With ascended spirits, readings are completely different.  Beth attributes this to the fact that there are no unresolved issues for the spirit, and I agree.  I know from my own experiences with ascended loved ones that there isn’t the same back-and-forth to these conversations, that they follow a question-and-answer format from beginning to end.  I also know that ascended spirits can’t be bothered with silly questions, and advised Beth to give thought to what she wanted to ask her father, before the day of the reading.  Beth said, “That was true.  I tried not to, but I asked dad if he liked my husband and kids (who he never met while alive), and his response was of course of course, silly question.  Harder questions yielded more meaningful answers and his answers made complete sense to me even though many were unexpected.  I found myself looking to him for guidance with a variety of relationships and situations I am dealing with right now.  My dad’s ascended spirit really put things in perspective for me.  But during the whole reading, nothing about his former life came up.”

She went on: “I was reconciled with my dad when he died.  We were on great terms then and continue to be.  For other people, this might not be the case.  They might be looking for resolution of their relationship with the ascended spirit, and might ask for this during the reading.  While the ascended spirit may be resolved and at peace, the person having the reading done may not.”  She makes a good point, and this is one of the things I need to learn from doing a greater variety of readings.  I believe that a person can work things out and be reconciled to anyone at any time — whether you are alive or dead, un-ascended or ascended, or each in a completely different state of existence — but I am not sure how that works with ascended spirits and if readings are a way to have that and to do that.

Beth’s parting thought was a good one: “I walked away from the reading with my dad feeling that not only did I talk to my dad’s spirit, but a spirit that was once my dad.  That is key.  People need to realize that the role that person played in your life, was just this time around.  They could have been your brother, a mother, or a lover in a previous life.  And they may be looking to have a completely different relationship with you in a future life.”  Well said.

I announced this in my last post and will repeat it here: To gain more experience, I am offering FREE READINGS for the next month (until Valentine’s Day 2017), for people to communicate with the ascended spirits of loved ones.  To be clear, this offer is for readings with ascended spirits only.  I will honor this for absolutely anyone and everyone who contacts me and has a loved one who has ascended, so feel free to spread the word.

If you are interested, the process begins with you emailing me a picture of your loved one(s) (carrie@speakingofthedead.com).  I can tell from a picture whether someone is alive or dead, ascended or un-ascended, and even if they have already re-incarnated (I don’t understand how the photo thing works, but it does).  The picture doesn’t need to be great, and it can be of the person at any age.  If you send a group shot, please indicate which person I should focus my attention on.  I will let you know what I discover from the picture —  at no cost or obligation to you — and we will take it from there.  I offer a free consultation before any reading (whether your loved one is ascended or un-ascended), and for the next month (to recap) am offering free readings with ascended spirits.  So, send me a picture of your beloved granny or uncle what’s-his-name and I’ll take a look and see if a long-awaited conversation with them will be possible.

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