You all about broke my gmail account with your phenomenal response to my offer of FREE READINGS (read “Heaven Sent” and “Heaven Sent, Part Two” if you have no idea what I am talking about), which is incredible!  And for which I am eternally grateful.  As I hoped, I am learning a lot from all these new readings with ascended spirits.  So much, in fact, that I hardly know where to begin to write about it.

I suppose that right into the middle is as good a place as any.  And the learning there concerns Summoning.

For all the years that I have done readings for people to communicate with the un-ascended spirits of their loved ones, I have used a photograph of the person to draw the person’s spirit to me.  I have a friend who is also a psychic (different skills, different work) who uses the person’s name, but I’ve never been able to do that.

Until now.

My early attempts to communicate with the ascended spirits of people known and close to me taught me that pictures weren’t going to work with them.  So, I tried my friend’s method: I closed my eyes, and with a pulling or summoning energy, I said the person’s name out loud, over and over again.  When I felt the pulling ease (like a rope slackening), I opened my eyes, and to my surprise and delight, the person’s spirit stood before me.  As I practiced this skill further, I discovered that I could summon the ascended spirit of a person known to me by using just first and last name.  But if the person was not known to me, I needed to have a middle or maiden name and use that as well.

There is a bit of a knack to this.  Every reading requires that I enter into a semi-meditative state, so the summoning occurs like tugging at a spirit while sinking into a soft bed.  Skill mastered, I was curious to try it on un-ascended spirits, to see if I could get the same method to work.  And with one small change, it did: with an Earth-bound, un-ascended spirit, I can’t tug at them, I have to just invite them in.

During one of my recent readings with an ascended spirit, I learned that this summoning method works for everyone, and not just psychics.  I was speaking with a living woman and the ascended spirit of her deceased sister, and was doing so on the anniversary of the sister’s death.  The reading was emotionally charged, as this was a difficult day on the woman’s calendar every year.  As the reading drew to a close, the woman had a hard time saying good-bye, so grateful for the chance to have a conversation with her sister.

To this, the sister replied, “I am right here.  I just slipped out.”  And then she went on to say, “Just say my name.  Anytime you want to talk, just say my name and I will come to you.”  She said this like it was the most obvious thing, like everyone knew this.  But the woman didn’t.  I didn’t.  And it occurred to me that maybe few people did.  I have checked this out with other ascended spirits since that day, and they confirm this as truth: any time you wish to be with and speak to the spirit of a deceased loved one (ascended or un-ascended), just say their name and they will come to you.  The conversation may be one-sided, but they will hear you, and respond as best they can.

The woman and I both took enormous comfort in this.  For the woman, it made her feel that her sister was more “elsewhere” than “gone.”  And for me, it relieved the burden of feeling that I am the only way for people to communicate with their deceased loved ones.  Certainly, my skills turn a one-way conversation into a two-way conversation.  But for me, the idea that people can connect so easily for a one-way conversation AT ANY TIME seems cause for celebration.

If you would like to get in on the FREE READING offer, and have the opportunity for direct communication with the ascended spirit of a loved one, there is still time.  Simply email me a picture of your deceased loved one(s) and I will take a look (carrie@speakingofthedead.com).  I can tell from a photograph whether a person is alive or dead, ascended or un-ascended, and even if they have re-incarnated.  One respondent last week had a great question about what picture to send: “How can I tell which of my dead relatives might want to talk to me?”  My response: send me pictures of all of them, and I will let you know.  Which she did, and I did.  And it is fine by me for you to do the same.

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