goth chicksMy resident house-ghost, Joe, was gone for three weeks, and I was more than a little worried.  Joe and I made an unusual deal, whereby he brings troubled souls to me, and I help those souls ascend.  Within a few days of making this deal, Joe brought 17 such spirits to me, which I wrote about in an earlier post (see My Ghost Joe and the Impatient Horde).  With Joe gone so long this time, I wondered what he was going to bring me next.  As each day passed with no sight of Joe, my visions became more fantastical and melodramatic, so that by the time Joe reappeared, I fully expected him to be accompanied by a gang of zombie demon terrorists.

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knife-in-handIn my last column, I boldly stated that heaven is for everyone, that all you have to do to go there is die, forgive yourself, release your guilt, make peace with your life and your death, and ascend.  This statement was a real, “But of course!” thing for me, but it raised A LOT of questions for my husband.  In particular, he wanted to know what happens to the spirit of a person who is incapable of feeling guilt, like a psychopath or serial killer?  Do they have to stick around in an Earth-bound state until they get a conscience?  Does the stuff that they did during their lifetime weigh on their soul, even though they have no remorse?  Can those people ascend without acknowledgement of and forgiveness for their crimes?  Do they go somewhere else for awhile?  Does death have a way of opening a person’s eyes to right and wrong?  Can death change a person?