goth chicksMy resident house-ghost, Joe, was gone for three weeks, and I was more than a little worried.  Joe and I made an unusual deal, whereby he brings troubled souls to me, and I help those souls ascend.  Within a few days of making this deal, Joe brought 17 such spirits to me, which I wrote about in an earlier post (see My Ghost Joe and the Impatient Horde).  With Joe gone so long this time, I wondered what he was going to bring me next.  As each day passed with no sight of Joe, my visions became more fantastical and melodramatic, so that by the time Joe reappeared, I fully expected him to be accompanied by a gang of zombie demon terrorists.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered my attic filled not with vampires and the Prince of Darkness himself, but with what amounted to High School Detention.  Trouble-makers and ne’er-do-wells one and all, Joe had this latest batch of spirits all tied up, to keep them from escaping.  This did not stop them from cursing and screaming “You aren’t the boss of me!,” but it did keep them in line.  I had time yesterday to deal with them, so Joe untied them one by one and I set about helping each of them make their peace and ascend.

First up was a young woman, dressed all in black, with abundant piercings and tattoos.  She rocked a real Eeyore vibe, but claimed to have loved her life.  She said she died a stupid way (did not elaborate), and was sad that she was dead and it was all over.  She said that she tried to “continue the party” as a dead girl, but that it wasn’t the same.  It wasn’t as fun, and the whole scene pissed her off.  I asked what she needed in order to make her peace with her life and her death.  She said she wanted MORE, and I told her that there was no going back, that she was going to have to move on in order to get MORE.

I told her that she needed to take responsibility for what she did and did not do in her life, and needed to make peace with it.  I told her to look at her life from a different angle, to see that it was important and good.  Sensing her demeanor, I stressed the importance of rebellion — the identity work embedded in it, and the struggle we undertake to free ourselves from the cocoon that our parents put us in to keep us safe.  She hadn’t seen her life as important or significant in any way, and my suggestion changed her perspective.  I could see her thinking about this, and her energy began to shift.  Then all of a sudden she shed the piercings, wiped off the tattoos, gave up a nickname she had given herself, restored her natural hair color, and told me her name was Sally.

She said she could see her life just as I described — important and full of rebellion as a corrective experience, and a way to balance everything out.  She was suddenly proud of her life, pleased with what a great rebel she had been.  She could also see how much she had learned — not from school, but from the people in her life.  It took several long minutes, but she was finally able to make her peace with what was and what wasn’t in her life and her death.  I opened a portal to the other side, and a close friend of hers greeted her and up Sally went.  She smiled and waved, and on I went to the next troubled soul.

Next up was a young man of about 17.  He seemed nice, but naive.  He lunged at me, apparently annoyed that I thought he was nice, and I got the impression that he had been manic-depressive while alive.  Mental illness is a brain thing, not a spiritual thing, and it disappears in death, so I wasn’t sure why he was showing me this.  I sensed that he felt wronged somehow, and I tried to get at what was keeping him Earth-bound, but I found it nearly impossible to talk to him and to reason with him, as he was incredibly spiritually immature.  After long, exasperating minutes, I recommended that he step under the portal I opened to the other side, and see who awaited him.  There was a girl he was excited to see, and he tried to ascend, but couldn’t.  I suggested that he empty his pockets, and out came a knife, and a variety of stolen items.  He tried to ascend again, made it about halfway, and more stuff dropped out of his pockets and then his pants burned off entirely, revealing his real — un-shoplifted — clothing underneath.  And then up he went.

Six spirits remained, and I sensed common issues, so I had my ghost Joe untie them all at once and bring them down out of the attic as a group.  I gave them my spiel about ascension, addressed what I considered core issues, and told them that Joe did them a kindness by bringing them to me.  Then, one by one, I dealt with them and ascended them all.

First in line was a young woman in her late teens or early twenties.  She seemed eager to move on, once she understood what ascension entailed and that it was necessary for reincarnation.  She could see that lingering in an Earth-bound state was going to be day after day of more of the same, with nothing better happening or coming along, and she was ready to put an end to that.  She stood under the portal, saw her father waiting for her, and up she went.

Next was a man (possibly named Russ), who was in his 60’s and rough around the edges.  And maybe rough in the middle, too.  He had a hard life and a hard death, but was finally at peace with “how it went down.”  His grandmother came for him, and up he went.

Then I was faced with a screaming child.  A young, angry, inconsolable boy.  His story was sadly a common one: someone who was supposed to love him, hurt him and killed him instead.  I don’t know why this happens, why some children are made to suffer in this way, as it is so cruel.  There is always important spiritual growth and learning that comes from this type of life, but when faced with a child like this, I want there to be another way for the learning to manifest.  After long minutes, my love reached him, he was reminded of other times he had been shown love, and he stepped under the portal.  A crowd of people awaited him, all of them loving and kind and excited to see him, and up he went, happy to cross over and have closure on this life.

And then a couple — big man, tiny woman — stepped forward.  He wanted them to ascend together, but she said no, that this was where they would part ways.  He didn’t understand at first, but then saw a difference in them that he had not seen before.  The parting was very difficult for him, as there was genuine love between them.  I told him that the spiritual pact that had bound them together was fulfilled, and they could be proud of that.  He said a long good-bye to her, and ascended, greeted by his grandparents.  She then stepped under the portal and was excited by what was to come, pleased with what she had finished in this life.  She said she had taken my advice to heart, looked at her life from a new angle, and saw incredible possibilities awaiting her.  She thanked me, and ascended, greeted on the other side by her brother.

Last up was a young man who had been dead for quite some time, and whose energy was pretty corrupted.  He liked being Earth-bound, lurking about and creeping people out, and was not happy that Joe had found him and “brought him in.”  I told him that his was a pretty monotonous existence, and suggested that he give it up, ascend, and reincarnate as something exciting like a pro snowboarder.  The suggestion surprised him, but he thought about it, and suddenly announced that he was ready to go.  His closest friends came for him, and up he went.

This latest group gone, I talked to my ghost Joe and thanked him for his hard work, rounding up this group, and keeping them in check.  I asked if he was done fetching troubled souls and ready for his own turn at ascension, and he said no, that he wasn’t done yet.  He said that it was gratifying work, and I had to agree.

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