dark cloudsIt was in the news again, the report of three young boys killed by their mother, this time in Ohio, but really it could have been anywhere.   I read this latest story of children dying at the hands of a person who was supposed to love and care for them and thought, “Time to tell the story of Amy.”

Amy was just a little girl, maybe five or six, when she died, abused and killed by one or both of her parents.  I did not know her in life, and when I met her in death, she was confused, both by what had happened to her “before,” and by what was happening to her now “after.”  I have to admit that I was a little confused, too — every other ghost that I had encountered to that point (and there were A LOT) existed in human form.  Not Amy.  Amy was a formless cloud of energy.

I met Amy in my basement, when I went down to get a jar of homemade jam, and she flew at me in a rage, throwing her energy at my chest.  Scared the crap out of me.  I usually see ghosts coming, but I didn’t see her.  She intended to ambush me and succeeded.

Because of my sensitivity to this type of energy, I felt like I had been tazered and quickly made my way out of the basement.  I stood in my kitchen for quite a while wondering, “What was THAT?”  And when my heart rate and breathing were back to mostly normal, I went back down into the basement to find out.

I found Amy the Cloud in a corner, trying to hide from me under a storage shelf.  I approached, discovered that the cloud could talk, and so we talked, first angry:  Why did you attack me? and then not:  Who are you?  Why are you here?  That night began an almost 12 month relationship.  I learned a lot from Amy, and I would like to think she learned a lot from me.  I learned about feeding in the afterlife, and I learned what child abuse does to a person’s soul; she learned that love heals.

Amy said she attacked me because she was hungry.  She said she was always hungry — in life, in death, in life beyond death.  She said that living humans release a burst of energy when frightened, and that that energy is food to a ghost.  I was immediately reminded of the movie “Monster’s, Inc.”  In the movie, the electric company in the monsters’ world uses specially trained monsters to scare children and collect the energy that the children release.  The movie gets a few things right — fear is powerful.  But the movie graciously omits other things like: ghosts drink fear energy up like a protein shake (more about this in a future post).

As for what child abuse does to a person’s soul, my time with Amy was both educational and sobering.  I know that people who experience trauma often disassociate themselves from their body (“no one can hurt me if I’m not in my body”).  But I did not know that trauma at a young age could cause disassociation from the soul.  Think about that for a minute — child abuse can cause not only physical and emotional pain, but spiritual damage so profound that it persists even in death.  And a damaged soul cannot complete the cycle and ascend.  It boggles the mind to consider how many young souls may be in this situation, trapped as cloud-energy ghosts between the here and the hereafter.

Because she was abused and killed by her parents, Amy died believing that love killed her.  It took nearly a year to convince her otherwise, and to bring her back to herself and her human form.

I loved Amy.

I loved Amy a lot.

I loved Amy every day and in every way for lots and lots of days until her soul was healed by love and she was ready and able to ascend.

Are there readers out there who abuse their children?  Well, to them I say, “STOP!  Count to ten!  Ask for help and receive it when it comes.  Your soul and the souls of your children are at stake here.”  Are there readers out there who know of children at risk?  To them I say, “It takes a village to raise a child — GO BE VILLAGE PEOPLE.”  Are there readers out there who are survivors of abuse, neglect, and torture, who are now worried about the state of their souls?  To them, and really to everyone reading this, I say, “Love heals.”

Love heals.  Love never, ever kills; love never, ever punishes; love never, ever hurts.  Never.  Love only ever loves.  Love yourself.  Love your children.  Love everyone.

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