My in-laws were visiting us for a couple of weeks, earlier this year, just as I was beginning to create this website.  At the time, I had a rough draft of some of the content, and was beginning to find my voice.  I am blessed with a mother- and father-in-law who are just lovely people and supportive almost to a fault, so it was natural for me to talk about what I was working on, and have a show-and-tell over lunch one day.  They listened intently, read some of the things I had written, and then asked just one question:  But how does this work?

I assumed from our conversation that they meant: How do you do what you do?  Which is a big question.  I answered with a story.  The story of Seth.

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photo by Austin Shapley

I get challenged from time to time — mostly by my youngest son — to “prove it.”  That is, to prove that I am a psychic and that my ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead is real.

I can’t.

And so I live with the doubtful stares.  And I am mostly fine with that.  I know that my abilities are real, and the people I have been able to help know that they are real, and I don’t have a great need to convince the rest of the world that I am who I say I am and can do what I say I can do.

Having said that, there are times…….oh, there are times……when the challenge is heated and I feel I must say something, and this is what I say:  It’s like a dog whistle.

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Hello, my name is Carrie, and I am a psychic.  I am a Spiritual Medium and I have the ability to see, hear, and communicate with the un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits of the dead.

Whew.  That was hard to put out there.  The launch of this website is, in many respects, my coming out, and as the saying goes: I’ve been in this closet so long the hinges are rusty.

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