I considered including a glossary of terms on this website, but I have so many opinions about the use of different terminology related to my work that I don’t think I am capable of writing un-biased definitions.  That said, I think it is important for me to clarify what I mean when I use certain “psychic” words or phrases, and right now I’m thinking that starts with what I mean when I say “psychic.”  Psychic is a general term for a variety of abilities that certain humans possess that allow them to receive information through senses that are beyond the five basics — sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  Psychic abilities are considered paranormal, a term that is defined as: events or phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.  Psychics come in many shapes and sizes, and psychic abilities take many forms.  I don’t know of any psychics — including me — who can “do it all,” so we specialize in one or two areas, according to our gifts.

I am going to catch flak for this, but even I have my doubts about certain so-called psychic abilities, like telekinesis — haven’t seen it, don’t believe it.  So, the list below comes with a huge disclaimer: it is a comprehensive list of what I consider, on this day, to be the legitimate psychic abilities that certain people actually possess.  However, I reserve the right to, on some future day, reconsider this and add an entry or two….

  • Clairvoyance — clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing,” and is the ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people.  The seeing of Clairvoyants crosses time, so they are sought out to “read” people and see their futures, or to find missing persons, pets, or objects.
  • Medical Clairvoyance — medical clairvoyants or medical intuitives have specialized gifts that allow them to “clear see” into a person’s body for the purpose of diagnosing medical or emotional problems.
  • Remote viewing — remote viewing is closely related to clairvoyance, in that it involves the ability to see things that are not physically present, but the two are completely different in that remote viewing does not cross time.  Through remote viewing, a psychic is linked energetically to a particular place (a house with a ghost, for instance) and sees that place at that moment, in real time.
  • Mediumship — mediumship is a “going between,” and refers to the ability to act as a conduit for communication between living human beings and the spirits of the dead.  According to their gifts, Spiritual Mediums specialize in either communication with un-ascended, Earth-bound spirits (ghosts), or with ascended spirits that have crossed over (angels).
  • Precognition — precognition is the perception or “seeing” of events before they happen.  This is achieved primarily through premonition or precognitive dreams.  It differs from clairvoyance, in that the “sight” or “knowing” comes un-bidden, and is not able to be controlled or directed by the psychic.
  • Retrocognition —retrocognition is the perception or “seeing” of past events, typically in the far distant past.  Retrocognitists are often sought out to “read” people and see into their past lives.
  • Dowsing — dowsing is the ability to locate objects or materials (like water).  Sometimes Dowsers use a tool called a dowsing rod in their work.  This rod acts to channel the energy from the object to the person.

Many people would include tarot card reading and palm reading in the above list, but I don’t and here’s why: those things don’t require any real psychic ability.  A “regular” person can be trained to read the signs and interpret the symbolism of tarot cards and palms, and be quite effective at either one or both of those things.  Certainly, if a bona fide psychic uses these tools in their practice, as a way to direct or channel their sight, that’s one thing, but to say that anyone who picks up a deck of tarot cards and can shuffle them is a psychic is, to my mind, absurd.

Of course, you may think all of this is absurd.  But I tell ya, I have a friend who is a medical intuitive and she is amazing.  When her mother’s health was failing, and the doctors told the family that she was dying of causes they could not find, my friend found the causes.  In about 10 minutes.

And I consulted a psychic with the gift of retrocognition, for the purpose of having a past life reading done.  At the time, a couple of weird things were niggling at me, and a friend of a friend suggested I get a past life reading done, as if that was the most obvious course of action.  It took a few months for me to warm to the idea, but I am glad that I did.  The psychic who was recommended to me was incredibly gifted, and it turned out — surprise, surprise — that some of the niggling bits did have their roots in a past life.

And my father-in-law recently shared the story of a friend of his who is a Dowser and who was beset by doubters and nay-sayers.  So the man consented to a test (devised by a not-well-liked colleague and impassioned doubter), which he passed with flying colors by locating the crazy matrix of old, abandoned water pipes under the quad of a nearby university, using an ashtray stand that he found nearby as a dousing rod.

Think what you will, there are a pesky lot of us.

And if you don’t think this is a load of hooey, and wonder if you yourself may have one or more of the abilities listed above, I highly recommend Sonia Choquette’s book, “The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul.”  It is a workbook, so you will need to buy it to get the most from it, but the price tag is well worth it, as Sonia takes a step-by-step approach to helping you identify potential psychic gifts and then helping you clear a path to them.  I found this book to be an excellent place to start when I was first sorting out my psychic abilities.

And sorted out they now are.  If you’ve read your way around this website you know that I am a Spiritual Medium with the ability to Remote View.  And that’s about it — I can’t see your future and I can’t find your dog.  Unless, of course, your dog is dead.  But that, dear friends, is a topic for another day….

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  1. I have to ask… maybe I’m just over thinking but I can feel the energies off the recently deceased… I work in a nursing home so I’ve seen a. Few people pass away on my shifts but there was this gentleman who unfortunately his passing was quite horrific due to his condition and black liquid would stream from his face… but before I saw him for myself I was told to go and make him look acceptable but I stopped a metre or so from the door and I could feel such an intense energy…. like pain and sadness that was overcoming the whole corridor…. or when another passed i had this feeling of tranquility and peace like the person had been waiting and embraced death…. then another I felt absolutely nothing. No attachment whatsoever… I want to know if there is such a thing because I’ve noticed these energies since I was 11 and more so now I work with the old and frail

    • Absolutely, such energy is real. Whenever any matter changes form — solids, gasses, human spirits — energy is released. Most people close themselves to it, or are so engrossed in their own stuff that they don’t notice. Considering your line of work, I think it is lovely that you do notice, and that you take a moment to honor each person who passes in your presence — no matter the circumstances or energy signature released.


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