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My Home by Roy Shapley

One of my blog subscribers posted a series of questions in the comments section of last week’s post: Is it possible for a spirit to jump into a living person’s body?  If so, why do they do this? Is it to gain power, strength and energy or is it to be closer to that person or perhaps just to experience life again?  Have you had any experiences where you have been able to confirm for another person that there is indeed a spirit living inside the body or soul of a living person?

I am no expert on the subject of “jumping in,” but surprisingly, I know the answers to most all of these questions.  Yes, it is possible for a spirit to jump into a living person’s body.  I know this because it happened to me.  And I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is a horrible, heinous thing to endure.  I can also tell you that even in death, our spirits retain a moral compass and the knowledge that doing something like that is a gross violation, so any spirit seeking to do such a thing is likely to be seriously messed up.

When it happened to me, I was asleep.  And at 3:00 a.m., I awoke panicking, weirded-out, feeling like I was going to vomit, and convinced that I had lost my mind.  Normally, when I go to bed, I erect a force-field around my bed, to protect me from any unwanted spirit encounters.  I forgot to do that that night, and a female spirit who was new to my household and unknown to me, came into my room.  She saw me, perceived me as “receptive” somehow, and laid her energy on top of mine, forcing her spirit to sink down into my body.

I hear ya — I screamed, too.

The surge in my energy as I awoke bumped her back out, and other spirits came to my aid, whisking her away.  I did not know what had happened until later that day, too shaken and confused myself at first to consider spirit activity as a cause.  And while I have a better understanding of what happened now, I still wonder about certain things.  “Why me?,” is a big one, and I don’t have a clear answer.  I think it is probably because of my psychic abilities, because of the whole vibrational frequency thing I wrote about (read The Dog Whistle Principle if you haven’t already), but that disturbs me on two counts: one, that it could happen again, and two, that my vibrational frequency is so far off the norm that dead people take one look at me and think, “That’ll do.”

In answer to the subscriber’s questions, I think spirits that seek to do this — jump into a living person’s body — do so to experience life again.  In my case, I don’t think the invading spirit had malicious intent (to drain my energy, to bump my spirit out) or even a desire to control my thoughts and actions.  I think she was incredibly angry at being dead, absolutely desperate to be alive again, and intent on doing everything in her power to achieve that.

Sadly, she is not the first spirit in this state that I have encountered.

Many years ago, we lived one-house-up from one of the most dangerous intersections in Illinois.  Car accidents in front of our house were a regular occurrence — usually fender-benders, but I saw the Jaws of Life used more than once while we lived there, and was not surprised at the arrival of a med-evac helicopter one day.

After one of the more serious accidents, I looked out my window while dialing 9-1-1, and  saw what appeared to be a shadow passing by the right side of the most damaged of the vehicles.  At the time, I was just beginning to understand and master my psychic abilities, and I suspected that nobody else saw this.  I trained my psychic eye on the area, thinking that the driver of the car had died and I was seeing their spirit, but that wasn’t what I saw.  I saw the driver critically injured, but alive, and the spirit of someone else stalking them.  And you know how you know things that you aren’t sure how you know?  Well, I knew that the stalker was waiting to see if the injured person’s spirit got bumped out of their body, like with a near-death experience, and if it did, the stalker spirit intended to “climb in.”  I immediately started praying and erected a force-field around the car.

I do not know if the driver recovered, but I do know that they made it to the hospital alive, and with just the one spirit inside of them.  And I know that the stalker spirit was thwarted by my efforts and left in a fury.

Like I said up top, I am no expert on the subject of spirit possession, and part of me doesn’t really want to become one.  You can find all kinds of crazy if you search the subject online (I looked), but I would recommend that you trust precious little of it.  I wish that I had reassurances for you, along the lines of, “It will never happen again,” but I can’t promise that.  I think that spirit possession is extremely rare, but it happens, and it will happen again to someone, somewhere.  I don’t know what makes a person vulnerable, but I know that you can protect yourself with a house cleansing, to flush out spirit energy, and you can protect yourself by being fully alive and fully in your body.

And maybe this is reassuring:  if you do happen, through some strange series of events, to become possessed by a spirit, you will know it.  There will be no ambiguity, no wondering, no need to ask someone else what they think.  You will feel violated, sick to your soul, and everything about you will feel wrong.  And as soon as you assert your aliveness (like by getting upset about all that), there will not be room for two inside you anymore and the spirit will be forced out.

Thank you, dear reader, for the questions.  Keep them coming!

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  1. Thank you for addressing these questions Carrie. It was fascinating to read your response and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time.


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