Earlier this week, BBC News ran a piece about the state of human cryogenics.  The reporter interviewed a man who is the co-founder of one the few (maybe only?) human cryogenic firms in the world.  The man announced that cryogenics are no longer science fiction but science fact, and for the low, low price of $36,000, his firm will freeze your dead body (or, for a slightly lower price, just your head) in perpetuity, until such time as medicine and technology have advanced a way to cure your fatal disease, repair your fatal injuries, and reverse your death.  The very excited and excitable Cryogenic Man spoke about all of this as inevitable — even the part where we will one day be able to re-attach frozen heads to live bodies (no word on where those headless bodies will come from), and achieve immortality.

Mr. Cryogenic Man scared the bejeezus out of me.

First off, meat does not take kindly to being frozen.  Human bodies happen to be pretty meaty, and I find it hard to believe that we could emerge from a frozen state with our muscles and organ meats unaffected (no matter what “special process” and “magic temperature” Cryogenic Man freezes us in).

Secondly — and much more importantly — Mr. Cryogenic Man made no mention of the fact that we have souls, as if that was irrelevant to this whole process.  Well, to me, our souls are possibly THE CORE issue in human cryogenics and the pursuit of immortality.  To dismiss souls as irrelevant seems a worse-than-fatal mistake, in my estimation.

In Mr. Cryogenic Man’s future world, one of three things will happen where our souls are concerned: either we will be brought back to life with no soul, our souls having moved on and reincarnated into other bodies and other lives; or we will be brought back to life with our soul having remained “on hold” in an Earth-bound state for decades (possibly centuries); or our bodies will re-animate with the Earth-bound soul of someone else.

All of these scenarios are frightening because they guarantee a bad, bad, very bad outcome.  With the first, people reanimate as zombies; with the second, people reanimate with soul energy that has become corrupted and degraded.  To elaborate: our souls are meant to exist in an Earth-bound state only temporarily following death.  It is a transitional time for the soul that allows adjustment to being dead and free of a body, and time to make peace and prepare for ascension.  Ascension is the completion of one life cycle and puts the soul in a state that is both powerful (ascended spirits can move freely throughout the universe and can act as guardian and guide for those they love) and at rest.  Time in an ascended state is necessary before the soul reincarnates into a new body and new life.  In my work as a psychic medium, I deal with souls that (for one reason or another) get stuck or choose to stay in an Earth-bound state beyond their transitional time.  When a soul does this, their energy begins to degrade and they are forced to “feed” off the energy that living humans give off.  This is as creepy and “not good” as it sounds.  In the third scenario above, people reanimate not only with a degraded soul, but one that has taken the unnatural step of possessing a body that is not their own.

A spirit stuck in an Earth-bound state can certainly be helped to make their peace, complete their life cycle, and ascend.  But to reverse course midstream and bring a degraded spirit back into the body it left?  Oooh.  I shudder.  From “documentaries” like Frankenstein, we know how this turns out.

I could probably continue this rant for another couple pages, but where Cryogenic Man’s sales pitch led me in the end was here: In my view, we are already immortal through our souls.  Let me repeat that: we are already immortal.  Our souls never die — no cryogenics needed.  The outside packaging may change from one lifetime to the next, but the soul inside doesn’t.  You are you are you throughout the millennia in which your soul has cycled and will continue to cycle.

The rhythm of the process by which we live, die, ascend, and reincarnate is, by design, both natural and important for the evolution of our souls.  We need time between lifetimes to download the learning of one lifetime and to prepare for the learning of the lifetime to come.  We do this same thing on a much smaller scale every night when we sleep.  Our brains process and download the day’s experiences while preparing us to take on new challenges the next day.  Insomnia is a huge problem for people as the downtime of sleep is vital for our existence.  The same goes for our souls.  Our souls require the downtime that death provides.

I know this is hard to hear, but death isn’t bad.  The dying part is often difficult, but that doesn’t make it bad either.  Our bodies are designed for mortality.  The cycle of living, growing, and dying is natural, and necessary for our spiritual growth and evolution.  Mr. Cryogenic Man is selling immortality through cryogenics.  I say spend the $36,000 on living, because your soul is already immortal.


  1. Always a lot of food for thought in your blogposts, Carrie, and this one’s no exception. I think you’re providing an excellent take on how to consider the directions science may take us. Not all of it is good, or healthy. Science and the acknowledgement of the existence of the soul don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but the area of cryogenics seems to think so.


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