I am not sure if there really is more death than usual around us right now, but the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic certainly has us feeling that way.  The virus is snatching young and old, healthy and not, and stealing them away from our families, circles of friends, and communities.  We are conditioned to expect the unexpected from car accidents, cancer diagnoses, and heart attacks, but this feels different — somehow both completely chaotic and eerily personal.  Which is terrifying.

The virus seems to stalk us like a shadow monster on the loose in our midst.  And where there is normally safety in numbers, this predator must be faced alone.  Because in order to best our chances of survival, we have to stay in and apart (much like holding very, very still in the presence of a living, voracious T-Rex).  Which means that in the presence of this predator, we are cut off from the comfort and power that comes of physical connections.

What to do with our collective anxiety (who will be next?), shock (not them!), and grief (how are we going to live without these people?), is a big problem.  Maybe later we will be able to stop stress-eating and binge-newsing, but not right now.

However…….there is something much more constructive that you can do right now.  You can make what I have dubbed “The Covid Call.”

The Covid Call?  Yes.  The Covid Call.  It’s the call you make to the someones in your life whom you’ve had a falling out with, the ones you haven’t spoken to in awhile, the ones you didn’t mean to drift away from.  You call, and you say, “Covid-19 has me thinking about mortality.  We didn’t leave things on very good terms / We haven’t spoken in awhile / I don’t know where the time went……”  And then you say, “If this virus takes one of us, I don’t want things left this way.”  And you make amends.

I did this myself with my brother, sister, and mother, after a falling out left us giving each other the silent treatment.  After making The Covid Call to each of them, we were able to air grievances, resolve what needed to be resolved, and be back on speaking terms.  And I feel better having done that.  Like, in the midst of all this crap that I can’t control, I took control of something important: tying up loose ends.

In my work as a psychic medium, nearly all of the readings I do are for people who died with a lot of relationship-related loose ends.  These loose ends create a heavy spiritual burden, as they bind a spirit in guilt, shame, and regret.  And as long as a spirit is bound this way, it is stuck in an Earth-bound state, unable to make peace and ascend.  Which is not good.

So, what I am suggesting is that while you are banned from all your usual social activities, with extra time on your hands, consider making The Covid Call.  Tie up a few loose ends.  Resolve some unresolved stuff that has the potential to bind you in guilt, shame, and regret.  Your soul will thank you.  And, I bet, the person you call will thank you.

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