Haunted_HouseApparently, I scared everyone off with the picture and description of my Most Haunted House Contest, and inadvertently led you all to believe that to enter, your house needed to be the hotel featured in “The Shining” and/or be the sacred-Indian-burial-grounds house featured in “Poltergeist.”  With a healthy dose of humble pie, I will admit to you that as of right this minute, I have received precisely zero entries.  That’s right.  If you send in a picture of your house right now, and it has even one tiny ghost lurking in the corner of the basement, you will have a 100% chance of winning the contest.  Yes, I know, the odds change dramatically if a bunch of you like those odds.  But you catch my drift.

I am not going to climb through the internet and force you to enter the contest (it’s easy — just email me a picture of the outside of your home by the February 14 deadline!), but I am going to kindly and somewhat gently make my case.  Perfectly lovely people who live in perfectly lovely homes have ghosts.  Surprising as this may seem, I have seen a goodly number of homes where the occupants lived completely unaware that their house was positively inundated with ghosts and the pollution that accompanies them.  Who knows, your house might be the same.

It is important to note that I said “unaware,” but did not say “unaffected.”  Ghosts do two things that you will not be happy to learn.  First, they feed.  Second, they pollute.  When the spirits of the dead don’t make their peace and therefore don’t ascend in a timely manner (within a year or so), their energy begins to degrade like a battery losing power, and they need to feed to “recharge.”  Spirits in this state (ghosts) feed by consuming the energy that humans throw off.  We emit energy in small quantities all the time, but we throw off the most when we are afraid, angry, or arguing.  Ghosts need more than a sip of energy to keep going, so they seek out households where there is a lot of fear, anger, and disagreement.  And, if the fear abates and the arguments settle, ghosts will stir up trouble to keep the energy coming.

Un-ascended spirits of the dead also pollute the homes they inhabit.  Whether they mean to or not, they disturb the energy field in a home, and over time, this can make the inhabitants sick.  When ghosts are lurking about, people often suffer from headaches, insomnia, indigestion, and a host of other physical maladies.

Even if you have no signs of paranormal activity, are not creeped out by any of the dark recesses in your home, and have no symptoms of ghosts hitting you up for energy…. you may have a ghost.  What does it hurt to find out?

The prize for this contest is a professional ghost-busting that will rid the winner’s home of all ghosts, not by sweeping them out the door where they can come back in, but by ascending them to heaven for good.  This is a great prize!  And I will do the winning ghost busting by phone, so you can live literally anywhere, and I promise I won’t come to your house — no need to clean or make snacks!

Still reluctant to enter?

I intended to surprise every entrant with this, but will be out with it now: every contest entrant will receive a free assessment of their home from me.  I will analyze the photo you send and will reply by email to tell you what I see.  No ghosts, and you are out of the running for the contest, but can rest easy knowing that your house is “clean.”  Any ghosts at all, and you are in the running to win, and I will give you a basic what’s what with the paranormals that I see in your home.

Please enter!  It’s easy!  And for heaven’s sake, if you have friends, relatives, co-workers, or neighbors who have casually mentioned that they think they might have a ghost, please tell them about this contest!

For details on how to enter and what you might win, click here.

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