Haunted_HouseI am pleased to announce that I am sponsoring the first ever Most Haunted House Contest!  Bring on the creepy, the spine-tingling, the hair-raising!  And fulfill that new year’s resolution to achieve peace and harmony by winning a FREE GHOST BUSTING! from yours truly.  Halloween decorations won’t win this one, as this Most Haunted House Contest is for houses that are rife with the real-deal paranormal pollution from ghosts, demons, and maybe even a poltergeist or two.  So, if your house is plagued by weird noises, freaky electrical stuff, doors opening and/or closing on their own, or any of a million other maddening, inexplicable things, this Most Haunted House Contest is for you!  All contenders are encouraged to enter — it doesn’t cost a thing, and you never know, you might just win the professional Ghost Busting ($120 value) that finally rids your home of all those unwanted, unseen “guests.”  For FREE!  I am looking for entries that feature the worst of the worst, so bring it on!

Who can enter?

Practically anyone: you need to be English-speaking, over the age of 18, with access to either a phone or Skype in your home.  If you are that and have that, you can live — literally — anywhere.


The prize?

A great one: a FREE GHOST BUSTING!

The catch?

A small one: you have to agree to let me write about your ghosts in a future blog post.  Don’t worry — I won’t mention you (unless you want me to….) or give any details that would breach your privacy or security, I just want to write about your ghosts.  And I will let you preview the column ahead of publication, to make sure everything is correct.

How do you enter?

Easy: send me an email (thru this site or directly to with a picture of the outside of your house plus a brief description of the paranormal activity that has you wanting to win this contest.  I do not need or want your address, so please keep that to yourself.  If you live in an apartment or condo, please indicate in your email which unit in the picture is yours.  And if you own more than one haunted house, feel free to enter them all!

What is the deadline for entering?

Better not wait: entries are being accepted thru Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, 2016.

How do you win?

Simple: have the most haunted, ghost-infested, spirit-polluted house among all the entries I receive.  A ghost-infested, spirit-polluted house will have one or more of the following: inexplicable cold spots; strange noises that are not related to appliances or attributable to any natural causes; electrical malfunctions or power surges; small objects being moved without human involvement or seismic activity; and doors creaking open or clicking shut while no one is around.  Also, the inhabitants of a ghost-infested, spirit-polluted house may suffer from one or more of the following: headaches, insomnia, intestinal distress, or other minor maladies for which there is no medical cause or explanation.

How will the winner be chosen?

Completely subjectively: the winner will not be chosen by a random drawing, but rather by me using my psychic abilities to analyze the pictures that people send in.

To explain this last statement…. I get what I refer to as “hits” off of pictures of houses where there is spirit activity, and off of pictures of people who are deceased.  When I see a picture of a person who is alive, the picture looks flat, like a regular picture; when I see a picture of a person who is deceased and not ascended, the picture animates (very much like pictures in the magical world portrayed in the Harry Potter books and movies), and I hear the person say, “That’s me!,” and sometimes more; and when I see a picture of a person who is deceased and ascended, the picture has a three-dimensional quality to it, and appears very peaceful to me.  I don’t understand how this works and why this happens, but I am glad that it does and I rely on it in my work.

When I see a picture of a house where there is spirit activity, any one of a number of things happens.  Once, I looked at a picture of a house with a ghost, saw smoke billowing out of every window (which was not in the picture), and started actually choking and coughing.  Another time, I looked at a picture of a house with a ghost, and saw the house burst into flames and sink into the dirt.  Yet another time, I looked at a picture of a house, saw a ghost waving at me from the front window, and then saw the shingles being flicked off the roof, one by one.

Trust me when I tell you that I may be swayed by a colorful description of what the ghosts are doing at your house, but I will not be fooled by a faker!

How will the winner be notified?

Promptly: on February 15, 2016, I will notify the winner by email, and with an announcement on my website

When will the prize Ghost Busting be done?

Soon: I will negotiate a date and time that is convenient for the winner, but it is my hope to complete the winning Ghost Busting within two weeks of the end of this contest.

To learn more about what a Ghost Busting entails, click here.

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