Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley
Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley

I have been asked several times lately to write about reincarnation.  Gulp.  The topic is so vast, so important, and so complicated, that it feels like being asked to write about God.  There is no way for me to do the topic justice with one blog post, so I am going to shoot for “a good start.”

When a person dies and makes their peace with their life and death, their spirit ascends, and once ascended, is ready to reincarnate into a new life on Earth.  There are no exceptions to this, as absolutely every soul that ascends is given the opportunity to reincarnate.

However….. differences abound in every other aspect of the reincarnation process.  And probably the biggest difference concerns timing.  Certain faith groups believe that we are on a schedule, with a standard waiting period in heaven, before reincarnation is not only possible, but required.  I know from the spirits that I have encountered that this is not the case, that we don’t reincarnate in the exact order that we died, that the reincarnation process is more flexible and fluid than that, and the timing of our reincarnation is variable.  This variability has to do with many factors, but most importantly: readiness, opportunities, free will, and covenants.

Souls need downtime between one life and another, and your soul doesn’t reincarnate until ready to do so.  And as for opportunities, they come when they come.  It is not random, how each of us ends up in a particular life, and while I do not know the exact mechanism by which this is achieved, I do know that souls are matched to a new life in a considered way.  Not every soul is a good match for every family, and not every prospective life is a good match for the next step in the journey of a particular soul, and these things are taken into consideration.

Free will is also a factor in the timing of one’s reincarnation.  Again, I don’t know the particulars of how this works, but I do know that opportunities to reincarnate are exactly that: opportunities.  And you have a choice.

But the most complicated and complicating part of the reincarnation process concerns covenants.  Covenants or pacts exist between souls, binding two or more souls together across several lifetimes.  These bindings can be familial or romantic, loving or vengeful, and mutual or one-sided.  While not exclusively positive, our ties to one another are important to our growth as humans, and our development as spiritual beings.  As we grow and develop, covenants are fulfilled or broken, but new covenants are formed all the time, and a person’s life and reincarnation are governed by a complex web of these pacts.

Covenants are not only complicated, but powerful as well.  We feel a spiritual covenant with another person as an intense closeness and a knowing of one another that is hard to describe.  When we meet someone with whom we have a past connection, there is instant recognition, and a sense of knowing each other already.  Which, in fact, we do.

Promises made between souls with this type of connection are kept.  So, a deathbed promise to “see you on the other side” is a spiritual commitment, a covenant made from one soul to another, and is honored even if the deathbed guy has to postpone reincarnation for decades in order for the covenant to be fulfilled.  A mutual desire to “do this again” is a covenant made between two souls who wish to spend another lifetime together.  And this is honored, even if reincarnation is accelerated or delayed by an opportunity coming/not coming along for this covenant to be fulfilled.

Many years ago, I did a reading for the sister of a man who was killed when he was in his late 30’s or early 40’s and was, to his family’s mind, “Just getting his act together.”  He had bounced around his whole adult life, living here and there and everywhere, and his sister felt that his life lacked direction and focus.  He attended five universities before finally getting his bachelor’s degree in education, and then taught in three different schools in two different states before deciding to teach abroad.  His final teaching position suited him well, and his family thought he finally found “his place” and would settle down, get married, and have kids.

What came through in the reading, though, was that that was not what his life was about.  His life was about clearing covenants.  His soul was encumbered and his reincarnation options were sorely limited by all the pacts and promises that tied him to too many other souls.  So, he set about meeting as many of those people as possible, to revisit the promises made in past lives and to either fulfill them or break them.  What he showed me was fascinating.  He met a woman in Arizona with whom he had a covenant to “do this again,” but their souls had evolved at different rates in their subsequent lives, and they discovered they were no longer compatible, and their souls broke the covenant and parted amicably.  He had a covenant with one of his relatives in Wisconsin, a man he had had a close familial relationship with, across several lifetimes.  They had been important to each other’s spiritual growth, but were headed in different directions now and needed to break their covenant so their spirits were free to move forward on their own paths.  And he met a young woman in South America who became a student of his, and with whom he had a covenant of indebtedness.  She had done something heroic for him in a past life, and he felt at a deeply spiritual level that he owed her for it, and this tied them together.  He repaid this debt by teaching and mentoring her, and helping to lift her out of poverty.  When she graduated high school and began college, the covenant was fulfilled and the tie was broken.

This process repeated itself 20 or more times in his lifetime.  While this is impressive, it is important to note that this man moved through his life without knowing that he was clearing covenants.  He just went where he felt like going, met whoever crossed his path once he got there, and did what he felt compelled to do.  Like I said, covenants are powerful — so powerful, in fact, that they draw people together like magnets, guide our lives in ways we aren’t even aware of, and will guide our reincarnations and relationships in future lives as well.

If all this talk of pacts between souls leaves you wondering about your own life and your own covenant relationships, I have this to say: if you are honest with yourself and go into your intuition, you can probably identify the individuals with whom you have a deep, spiritual connection that transcends this lifetime.  And if it is important for you to really, REALLY know, you can have a past life reading done with a psychic who has the gift of retrocognition.  They will be able to see who is who and what is what in your life, related to relationships in past lives, and give insight into the nature of your current relationships and the covenants that guide them.  I did this myself many years ago, and it was quite enlightening.

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