ghost pic of abe lincolnNot that everyone wants to attract a ghost…..but…..there are things that do make one house more inviting to a ghost than other houses and things that make one person more attractive to a ghost than others.  It may not be obvious to the wider world whether you and/or your house are dead-sexy to the dead, but I can tell you some things that ghosts find very appealing:

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Haunted_HouseI arrived on the front stoop via remote viewing, ready to bust the ghost inside.  The ghost, however, had other plans for me, and even with the permission of Lee, the homeowner and co-winner of my Most Haunted House Contest, I couldn’t get in.  I asked Lee to physically open the front door, to break any seal the ghost had put on the house, but even that didn’t do it.  We went to a side door, the back door, an upstairs window, to no avail.  I landed on the back porch and could see inside, even though I couldn’t get inside.  I saw brown cabinets.  Lee said theirs were white.  I cursed under my breath, pretty sure that the ghost had bounced me to the neighbor’s house.

I have never been bested by a ghost, and I wasn’t about to let this one be the first.  Lee and I persisted, and after an agonizingly long time, I was in, only to be greeted by a ghostly refrain: “Come and get me” and clouds of thick, choking smoke.

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Haunted_HouseI saw from the picture of the house (not the haunted hotel pictured here) that I was in for a challenge, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed in that regard.  The owner of the house, a wonderful woman named Claudia, was one of two winners in my Most Haunted House Contest, and last week I set about ridding her house of a ghostly nuisance named Mary.  But right from the start, Mary was a pesky lot of trouble.

When I do a ghost busting, I use my ability to remote view, and I send my psychic sight through the phone line and into the person’s house.  To spirits in the house, it appears as though my face just “pops through;” to me, it is like I extend my energy out as far as I can reach.  I don’t understand the mechanics of how it works, but remote viewing allows me to communicate with the spirits in a house directly, as I can see and hear them and their energy, and they can see and hear me.

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Haunted_HouseWe have a winner!  Actually, we have two winners in my Most Haunted House Contest!  Congratulations to Claudia Freeman and Lee Wright — both of you have houses that are most definitely haunted!

A big thank you to everyone who entered, and my apologies to those whose houses weren’t quite haunted enough, but a contest is a contest and somebody’s got to win.  Narrowing the field down to two finalists was pretty easy, but choosing between them was impossible.  One house, to my psychic eye, is full of noxious smoke and has a man-ghost who is up to no good, and the other house has been slimed by a cackling old-lady ghost who is committed to driving the “new” owner out.  I agonized for two days over which was worse, and at midnight last night declared it a tie.

I will complete the winning ghost bustings within the next few weeks, and will write about it here — stay tuned!


The_Ghost_and_Mrs._MuirIt all started with a knock on the bathroom door.  Occupied at the time, the man within hollered, “I’ll be out in a minute,” and heard footsteps heading away, down the hallway.  When he finished his business and emerged, no one was there, so he rejoined the gathering in the living room and announced that the bathroom was free, for anyone who needed it.  No one needed it.  No one had needed it.  No one had been anywhere near the bathroom, and most definitely, no one had knocked on the bathroom door.

The next day, my dear friend and the owner of said house and bathroom, called me in a bit of a state.  “I think I have a ghost.  Can you check?”  Which I did, and she did.  We scheduled a ghost busting and got to work.

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Haunted_HouseApparently, I scared everyone off with the picture and description of my Most Haunted House Contest, and inadvertently led you all to believe that to enter, your house needed to be the hotel featured in “The Shining” and/or be the sacred-Indian-burial-grounds house featured in “Poltergeist.”  With a healthy dose of humble pie, I will admit to you that as of right this minute, I have received precisely zero entries.  That’s right.  If you send in a picture of your house right now, and it has even one tiny ghost lurking in the corner of the basement, you will have a 100% chance of winning the contest.  Yes, I know, the odds change dramatically if a bunch of you like those odds.  But you catch my drift.

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art for red&blue blogI have written before about how, during psychic readings, the spirits of the dead show me things using visuals, more often than they tell me things using words.  I am a very visual person, so this suits me just fine.  A problem arises, tho, when a big concept is presented with a simple visual, and I am left struggling to translate it back into words, so I can convey its message and meaning to the person I am doing the reading for.

I get tongue-tied, and usually compensate by over-describing the scene or image I have been shown, but even then, I know that sometimes my descriptions fall short.  I remember one time in particular, when I was doing a reading for the mother of a young man who died tragically in a car accident.

The young man’s spirit wanted to describe the dynamic at work in his relationship with his mother, and showed me the image that appears with this column (It isn’t the real image, but a re-creation that I drew from memory. My apologies for the wrinkly paper….).  He put the image in motion, showing me the red area as fast and frenetic, indicating that it represented him, and then showing the blue area as placid and flowing like a refreshing stream, indicating that it represented his mother.

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gearsAbout five years ago, I did a reading for an unmarried couple who had been a couple for a long time, living together in a harmonious, monogamous, committed relationship.  Both in their 40’s, Suzanne was diagnosed with a type of leukemia just a few years into their relationship, and so their lives revolved around her cancer treatments and the emotional roller coaster of the leukemia moving in and out of remission.  She and Michael faced her diagnosis and prognosis realistically, but focused their life on enjoying their time together.

And then one day, Michael was diagnosed with liver cancer and died a few weeks later.

Suzanne heard about me through a mutual friend, and called to schedule a reading.  She was in shock from the suddenness of Michael’s passing, grief-stricken at the profoundness of the loss, and tormented by the feeling that there was a wrongness about it.  She wasn’t sure what she hoped to get from the reading, but thought it was “worth a shot.”

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Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley
Miniature Dogwood by Roy Shapley

I have been asked several times lately to write about reincarnation.  Gulp.  The topic is so vast, so important, and so complicated, that it feels like being asked to write about God.  There is no way for me to do the topic justice with one blog post, so I am going to shoot for “a good start.”

When a person dies and makes their peace with their life and death, their spirit ascends, and once ascended, is ready to reincarnate into a new life on Earth.  There are no exceptions to this, as absolutely every soul that ascends is given the opportunity to reincarnate.

However….. differences abound in every other aspect of the reincarnation process.  And probably the biggest difference concerns timing.  Certain faith groups believe that we are on a schedule, with a standard waiting period in heaven, before reincarnation is not only possible, but required.  I know from the spirits that I have encountered that this is not the case, that we don’t reincarnate in the exact order that we died, that the reincarnation process is more flexible and fluid than that, and the timing of our reincarnation is variable.  This variability has to do with many factors, but most importantly: readiness, opportunities, free will, and covenants.

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Haunted_HouseI am pleased to announce that I am sponsoring the first ever Most Haunted House Contest!  Bring on the creepy, the spine-tingling, the hair-raising!  And fulfill that new year’s resolution to achieve peace and harmony by winning a FREE GHOST BUSTING! from yours truly.  Halloween decorations won’t win this one, as this Most Haunted House Contest is for houses that are rife with the real-deal paranormal pollution from ghosts, demons, and maybe even a poltergeist or two.  So, if your house is plagued by weird noises, freaky electrical stuff, doors opening and/or closing on their own, or any of a million other maddening, inexplicable things, this Most Haunted House Contest is for you!  All contenders are encouraged to enter — it doesn’t cost a thing, and you never know, you might just win the professional Ghost Busting ($120 value) that finally rids your home of all those unwanted, unseen “guests.”  For FREE!  I am looking for entries that feature the worst of the worst, so bring it on!

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